Strategic Priorities for 2017

The Visegrad Fund hereby announces its strategic priorities for 2017 (Visegrad Strategic Program): prospective applicants can submit their electronic proposals within the upcoming deadlines of Visegrad Grants, i.e., by March 1, and/or by June 1.

Projects must actively involve a full V4 format, i.e., active cooperation of the grantee and project partners from the all remaining V4 countries, and the project’s content must adhere to at least one of the following priority areas: Regional cooperation for competitiveness and connectivity, Security and Stability and V4 Promotion:

  1. Regional cooperation for competitiveness and connectivity

Tangible result-oriented V4 and V4+ projects which establish new or strengthen existing regional cooperation in the following priority topics:

  • EU single market, digitalization & EU Digital Agenda,
  • North–South transport and energy links,
  • Science, technology, innovation-based economy, regional start-up cooperation.
  1. Security and Stability

Projects focusing on defence and security cooperation with special regard to:

  • implementation of the Warsaw NATO Summit decisions including strengthening the Eastern flank of the Alliance;
  • future of CSDP/how V4 can contribute to European security;
  • possibilities of bilateral and multilateral military cooperation (including defense industry) within/with the V4 region;
  • cyber security.
  1. Promotion of the V4

Projects aimed at raising public awareness of the Visegrad cooperation within the V4 region particularly with use of modern media:

  • focusing on the visibility of the Visegrad Group’s accomplishments among citizens, especially the youth;
  • supporting mutual understanding and cooperation between V4 citizens;
  • external promotion of the Visegrad Group as a modern, liveable, creative & innovative region (geographical focus: EU member states, USA and other V4+ partners).