Note on the Official V4 Website(s)

A number of websites supposedly focused on the Visegrad Group (V4) or in general on the Visegrad cooperation have been recently set up. These websites, despite their visual appearance and visible references to the V4,… read more


Due to a public holiday on Sept. 15, the fund’s secretariat will be closed on Thursday. Thank you. read more


As Thursday, September 1, is the Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, the fund’s secretariat will be closed on that day. The deadline for submission of proposals within the Sept. 1 deadline remains the… read more

Proposals Accepted By Sept. 1

Project proposals from applicants from Visegrad, Eastern Partnership and Western Balkan countries for Visegrad Grants (formerly Small and Standard Grants) are accepted by September 1. Projects Due to changes in the application form,… read more

New Issue of Visegrad Insight

“Allied Solidarity” is the title of the new issue of Visegrad Insight, opinion and analytical journal available in paper edition, e-book formats (PDF, EPUB, MOBI), as well as a table app. The first issue of 2016… read more